Multi-National Fast Fashion Brand Based In Los Angeles, California

Shasa was introduced to the fashion world in 1995 opening her first buying office in downtown Los Angeles with the dream of being a global fashion leader by growing to more than 100 stores.

The Shasa 100 fulfilled the dream in 2013 with the launch of the Glendale Galleria Mall in California. Shasa inhabits two offices – a bustling buying office in the Fashion District of Los Angeles along with her glamorous corporate headquarters and global distribution center in Vernon, California. Shasa is proud of her “Made in the USA” status, with over 50% of her apparel produced in the States, mostly coming from her beloved home of Los Angeles.

Shasa’s passion for fashion is evident throughout all aspects of her existence. Her fashionable designs reside in beautifully appointed retail stores found only in the most high profile locations of the best malls in every country she graces. She delivers the hottest on-trend apparel and must-have accessories from jewelry to footwear to her stores. Fulfilling on the promise of “Fresh Fashion Daily” to Shasa’s devoted customers. They love her and she returns their love by giving them “Irresistible Fashion Value” everyday.

She takes great pride and devoted care to scour the globe to bring her customers the best trends day after day. Shasa houses these trends in cutting edge designed retail locations that incorporate great fashion, beautiful imagery, team members trained in fashion wardrobe styling and the hottest music fills the air for an inspired shopping experience.

Careers with Shasa are the Beginning of a Brilliant Relationship that Lasts for Years

Shasa is a loyal employer; she has the pleasure of working with over 1,500 staff and several hundred vendors from around the world. Some of those entities and people have been in the company’s fold since Shasa’s inception 18 years ago. Every year Shasa has a wonderful Celebration Event for her team from the retail locations and corporate office to share in the success and joy of accomplishment.

Form and Function are the Foundation of Brilliant Design

The Shasa store design concept is bold and distinctive, with high contrast monochromes, flashes of bright color with soft silver and gold metallic accents.

The storefront provides an open invitation to the impressive space beyond. The atmosphere of the store is hip and trendy, with lighting accentuating the merchandise. The lovely corporate colors of hot pink, blue and yellow accent throughout the stores. The result is an intriguing shop-in-shop approach to the store, which is designed to offer a wide range of the latest styles in an environment that is appealing to her fashion conscious audience.

For Shasa Caring for People Never Goes Out of Style

Shasa has supported Casa Hogar Alegría since 2008 by donating time, monthly apparel, accessories and footwear contributions, in addition to financial donations from the sale of exclusive products available in co-branded packaging twice a year.

Casa Hogar Alegría was founded in 1997 and cares for girls who have been victims of abuse and neglect. They provide a home with a traditional loving and committed family environment. This institution has a positive impact on their lives, preparing the girls for successful integration into society. casa hogar alegria

Shasa has donated more than 400,000 garments and accessories to charities, including Dress for Success in Texas. The new clothes allow women and their children a chance at financial independence by dressing them for job, or preparing them for college interviews, as well as providing daily clothing options for work and school that bring relief and confidence to their existence. Shasa cares for people and wants to make a positive difference in the world everyday.